Winter Alloy Wheels

You know how roads get in winters. They become icy, slippery and are challenging to drive on. During winter seasons, as you may already know, salt and grit are added on the roads as they help the snow to melt away on the surface and offer improved traction to the car drivers.

However, there is a downside to this practice.

Salt and grit on the road can potentially damage your vehicle, especially if they are left unchecked for more extended periods. Moreover, accumulation of salt can lead to faster corrosion of the paintwork on your car’s wheels. We recommend you not to use wheels with polished parts, especially during winters, as they are in continuous contact with the salty and gritty surface, hence more vulnerable. Instead, you can opt for wheels with a single, solid colour. They may not sound trendy, but they are useful. These wheels are easier to clean and maintain throughout the year.

We believe one of the best ways to protect your wheels is to get it fitted with special alloys during the winter. Alloys are lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion. Not only do the winter alloy wheels provide functional benefits but they also up the style value of your vehicle. These wheels are highly resistant to the corrosion caused by salt and grit. Moreover, they are also lightweight and offer enhanced grip on different terrains. Rubbers & Rims, one of the leading alloy wheel suppliers in the UK, provides a wide range of winter alloy wheels from numerous brands in varying trendy designs.

It is often believed that something developed for functional use is often dull. That is just not true; not with the alloy tyres offered by Rubbers & Rims. You can buy winter alloy wheels from us with a wide array of options to choose from in terms of brands, models, designs, and size.

Prepare yourself; for the winter is coming!

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