Cookies are small text files downloaded into your electronic device (desktop, smartphone, laptop, and tablet) when you visit a website.

Use of Cookies

At Rubbers & Rims, we use cookies to:

  • Operate our online booking/ordering system.
  • Help our website remember information you provided while registering/logging-in so that you don’t have to provide information again when you log-in later.
  • Help our website remember your previous purchase.
  • Help us understand how users navigate through our website and use our website; and work on improving our site’s user experience.
  • Help us track data about the decisions you make as you navigate through our website.
  • Deliver adverts relevant to you.
  • Keep you signed in.
  • Enable social media sharing functionality.

Cookies Categorisations

The cookies can be categorised as:

Session Cookies:

These cookies have the lifespan of your browser session. They will expire as soon as you close your browser. They are used so that the website remembers the product added in the basket, or to provide security while accessing online payment system.

Persistent Cookies:

These cookies are stored in your hard-disk even after you have completed the browser session. They are used to remember user preferences in subsequent visits, or for target advertising.

The cookies can also be categorised as First-party and Third-party cookies.

First- Party Cookies:

These cookies come from the website you visit. Only the visited site has access to the information gathered through these cookies.

Third Party Cookies:

These cookies are set by the websites other than the one you are visiting.

Types of Cookies

The different types of cookies used in websites, including, Velare website are:

Strictly Necessary Cookies:

Strictly Necessary Cookies must stay enabled. These cookies allow you to navigate and use essential parts of our website. Without them, you may be unable to use services like e-billing, shopping basket, or logging-in to our site.

Performance Cookies:

These cookies help us understand how people are using our website. They give us valuable insights such as the page most users spend time on, pages users visit often, or any error messages shown to visitors. With the help of the insights provided by Performance cookies, we can rectify any common errors on the web pages and improve the look and feel of the website design. They are essential to improve the performance of our website.

Advertising Cookies:

Advertising Cookies, aka Targeting Cookies, are set up by advertising networks with the website owner’s permission. Through these cookies, the advertising network tracks your browsing behaviour across various websites and shows you the specifically-targeted adverts relevant to your interest. They may also be used to limit the number of times you see an advert and help the advertisers measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaign.

Functional Cookies:

These cookies allow our website to provide you with an enhanced user experience by remembering your choices and preferences from your previous visits. They would remember your favourite content topic from earlier visits and provide you with relevant topics during your subsequent visits. They would remember the location you may have added in the previous visit and show you local news in the next visit. They would also recollect the modifications you made to text size, fonts, or colours during your previous visits, allowing you to gain more personal experience.

Cookies that Rubbers & Rims use:

As per new rules, you can control or block these cookies through your browser settings. However, take note that you don’t block or delete all the cookies, as you may then be unable to access several parts of our websites.

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