Velare Wheels

Velare Wheels offers the best of alloy wheels to vehicles traversing the roads and motorways of the UK. This luxury alloy wheel brand provides wheels that are primed to be unique with a state-of-the-art finish and a comprehensive manufacturing process behind it. Crafted in Europe, and designed in Britain, Velare Wheels understands the value of quality. Our wheels with unique, innovative designs pass through multiple rigorous tests to ensure that the final product is reliable and durable.

You may refer Velare Wheels as a “Beauty blended with the beast”. At Rubbers and Rim’s, we offer effective, yet budget-friendly Velare wheels to motorists across the UK.


One of the largest suppliers of alloy wheels with over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry and based in Rotherham, we stock Velare Wheels in all colours and sizes that may fit nearly all types of vehicles.

You may visit our workshop based in Rotherham to access our massive stock of high-quality Velare wheels. You may even order Velare wheels online from our website by selecting the right model, and size at the click of a few buttons. You can also opt for a free tyre fitting service after purchasing Velare wheels from our website.

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We aim to deliver our customers with products that offer supreme quality performance at a very reasonable price. We are proud to partner up with Velare Wheels so that you can buy Velare Wheels from us and gain the vehicle performance you have always craved for!