Kambr Wheels

Every sports car lover is familiar with Kambr Wheels, specialising in aftermarket rims. Introduced in 2017, Kambr Wheels became one of the most popular names in the customisation market within a brief span; thereby winning the hearts of thousands of car owners in the UK with their signature design and extreme reliability.

We, Rubbers & Rims, have partnered with Kambr Wheels enabling you to buy Kambr Wheels from our showroom; we have a vast range of rims in store for you.

What we have to offer?

Known for their excellent quality and great design, cheap Kambr wheels are an all-time favourite of our customers. Take a look at some of our best selling rims.

  • Kambr 150R –

150R merges two different designs in one body. A deep dish in front and a deeper one at the rear produces a unique look.

It is available in 3 colour schemes namely – Red or Silver with a polished lip and black body; and a black shade with bronze tinted polished lip.

All the colours come in sizes of 8.0×15 – ET23, 7.5×17 – ET38, 8.0×18 – ET40.

  • Kambr 250Z –

This wheel is all about speed. An aggressive, track-inspired design, the 250Zs twin 6 spoke, and sharp lines give it a no-frills character.

Available in 3 colours, they are – Hyper silver, Gloss Gunmetal, and Gloss Black.

All 250Z comes in sizes of – 8.0×18 – ET40.

  • Kambr 500X –

Made to keep the viewer’s focus on its exuberant face, the 500X is a cross-spoke, minimised design with an infinity barrel.

One can get it in 3 shades, namely – Satin Bronze, Gloss Black, Gloss Gunmetal.

All 500X comes in sizes of – 8.5×18 – ET40.

  • Kambr 400R –

400R is a directional rim. Its bevelled spokes and oblique design make it a showstopper.

Available in 3 colours, Bronze with a fully polished face, and a tinted Bronze Laquer and Matt Black.

All 400R comes in sizes of – 8.5×18 – ET40.

Along with the rims mentioned above, you can also buy Kambr Wheels 130R and 320S from our Rubbers & Rims showroom at Rotherham.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are looking to buy a brand new set of rims without breaking the bank, visit our Rotherham showroom today. Rubbers & Rims is one of the largest licensed vendors of automotive products in the UK, and we offer affordable prices on all our products. You can also buy Kambr Wheels online from our website.