Forge Wheels

Talking about custom-made aftermarket wheels, Forge Wheels is one of the first names that come to mind. From their sales office and showroom in Queensland, Australia, Forge Wheels have established a global customer base with dealers in the USA, UK, Germany, New Zealand and many other countries. Rubbers & Rims is one of the key suppliers of Forge Wheels product in Rotherham. Visit our store and buy Forge Wheels at affordable prices.

Forge Wheels are known for their extensive R&D and testing. They are notorious for their testing process which subjects each product through load, temperature, corrosion, and limit testing. Such rigorous testing has led to the production of wheels that carry an excellent reputation in motorsport and off-road usage.

Why buy Forge Wheel –

Their main product line is a one-piece forged monoblock, and a three-piece forged modular allow wheel. At their production base in California, U.S.A, they make wheels using the cutting-edge manufacturing process, emphasising on durability, quality and design.

They distribute their product throughout the world via their dealers, such as Rubbers & Rims in Rotherham.

Their superb quality has made them a favourite among people looking for custom-made high-quality performance wheels.

Testing and certifications –

Every single Forge Wheel goes through a variety of tests and has to come out without a single crack to be able to hit the market. They have earned a variety of certificates over the years, and Rubbers & Rims are proud to be a part of a brand who achieved so much over the years.

  • All of their products go through high-speed durability testing for speeds up to 230mph.
  • They have to pass the dynamic impact survivability test with a cleated roadwheel.
  • Forge Wheels have to survive wheel impact by ISO and SAE methods set by GM requirements.
  • After strain testing on the wheels, they should not have any damage.
  • Wheels should pass fatigue and dynamic durability test. The testing standard is specified by DOT 109, 119 and 139.
  • Each wheel should have the minimum rolling resistance. Forge Wheels run tests based on spindle force method as per SAE J-1269 and SAE J-2452.
  • Also, they should have plunger energy standards according to the DOT 119, 139 and SAE J-916c.

This long list of certificates testify for their excellent quality and ensures that every single product is what you, as a driver, want when you buy Forge Wheels. Rubbers & Rims also sells Forge Wheels online.

Forge Wheels and Rubbers & Rims –

We are one of the largest licensed suppliers at Rotherham and offer cheap Forge Wheels for a variety of different vehicles. You will find a vast stock to choose from and will have the convenience to book them online. Call us, or visit our website for more details.