Bola Wheels

When it comes to custom-made high-standard beautiful-looking rims, Bola Wheels is probably one of the most famous names in the industry. With their new CENTRO locking system and compatibility with almost all modern cars, they have gained a mass fan following over the years.

That’s why Rubbers & Rims have brought cheap Bola Wheels to your doorstep. At our Rotherham showroom, you will find a wide range of Bola rims for your cars. We also have a variety of colours in store for you to choose from.

Bola Wheels are known for its innovative design and high-quality products. Made from the finest materials, most of the wheels are available in 17”, 18” and 19” configuration and offers a large number of spoke designs to go with all kinds of vehicles.

What we offer –

When you buy Bola Wheels from us at Rubbers & Rims, you will get a free fitting on all cars and tyre packages at our showroom in Rotherham. Our trained mechanics will fit the wheels to your vehicle with utmost care and perfection.

Here is a list of the range of Bola Wheels we have –

  • Bola B10, available in silver, white, matt black, Matt gunmetal and polished silver. Sizes – 17”, 18”, 19”.
  • Bola B1, available in gloss black, Matt Bronze, white, and gloss gunmetal. Sizes – 17”, 18”, 19”.
  • Bola B25, available in gloss gunmetal, gloss black. Sizes – 17”, 18”, 19”.
  • Bola VST, available in Matt Bronze, gloss gunmetal, glosses black. Sizes – front and rear: 17”x7.5”.
  • Bola CSR, available in Matt Bronze, Matt gunmetal, gloss black, gloss Titanium. Sizes – 17”, 18”, 19” (gloss Titanium and gloss black only in 17” and 19” rim sizes).
  • Bola B7, available in silver and white. Sizes – 17”, 18”.

When you buy Bola Wheels from us at Rubbers & Rims, we will ensure that the fit and finish stays just like what you wanted. Also, we will take extra caution while fitting cars with large brakes to maintain the quality.

So, why wait?

You will find a wide variety of rims at our Rotherham shop. Rubbers & Rims prides on our dedication to meet the need and expectation of all our customers, ensuring that you get the best quality products and the fastest service at an affordable price. Also, you can buy Bola Wheels online from our website.