AXE Wheels

If you are an admirer of sports cars and own one yourself, you must’ve heard about AXE Wheels. This company, specialising in aftermarket rims, have swept the market with a vast collection of high-quality and beautiful alloys. To bring this stunning collection to you, Rubbers & Rims is offering a large number of AXE Wheels online and at their Rotherham showroom.

AXE Wheels are known for their rims made from top-quality material and cutting-edge technology. Their unique design, sophisticated sculpting and breathtaking style suit all type of cars that are in the market. Their products range from 15” to 22” and come at an affordable price range.

At Rubbers & Rims, Rotherham, you will find a team of expert technicians ready to help you choose the best product depending on your car and driving style. We also offer free fitting services, if you buy the products from us.

Moreover, if you buy AXE Wheels online with tyres, the rims will come fitted and aligned, so that they are ready to drive off as soon as you install them in your car.

AXE Wheels and us –

At our Rotherham showroom, you will find a variety of rims to choose from. Rubbers & Rims is one of the largest licensed suppliers of AXE Wheels, and our product range reflects that.

The CF1 and EX31 are one of our best-selling products, along with the EX22 and EX20. Other than that, we offer –

  • EX30, in gloss silver, gloss black and brushed bronze.
  • EX19, in gloss silver, gloss black and grey concave.
  • EX18, in silver-brushed, gloss black, grey concave, gloss polished black face.
  • EX14, in gloss white, gloss black, transit black and polished black face.
  • EX10, in a black-polished dish, silver-polished dish, matt black, white-polished dish, gold-polished dish, and orange-polished dish.

Other than the above-mentioned, we stock a lot of different variants for your convenience. Rubbers & Rims’ motto is to help customers, and grow with them; we are determined to provide you with the best choices and quality products available.

Choose AXE Wheels, and us –

When you buy AXE Wheels, you are paying for a top-quality product, made using flow-forming technology and high-velocity spinning forges. The heated barrel is then roller pressed, creating a robust set of rims strong enough to match their forged counterpart. This innovative process results in 30% lighter weight while providing cheap AXE Wheels which provide increased acceleration and better mileage.

Visit our garage at Rotherham, and Rubbers & Rims will offer you unmatched prices on our products. We ensure quality in every single product of ours, and when you buy AXE Wheels from us, you purchase the promise of a leading market supplier.

So why wait? Visit our showroom today, or call us to know about the quotes on the rims. You can also visit us online to know more about Rubbers & Rims.