Alcar Stahlrad Wheels

Rubbers & Rims is proud to offer you the latest range of steel wheels from Alcar. The Alcar Stahlrad Wheels is the European market leader when it comes to making after-market rims. We are bringing the expertise of Swiss and Austrian manufacturers in Rotherham by offering cheap Alcar Stahlrad Wheels.

Alcar Stahlrad -Who are they?

Alcar Stahlrad, a product of Alcar Wheels GMBH, makes after-market steel wheels of original quality. Their production site in Switzerland covers almost the entire European demand for steel wheels with a capacity of producing more than 2 million units per year.

Global carmakers are the primary customers of their products, along with wheel importers and drivers looking to modify their vehicles. They make steel rims for almost all cars licensed to sell in Europe, and as a licensed distributor, you can buy Alcar Stahlrad Wheels from us at Rubbers & Rims for virtually every class of vehicle.

Alcar – your wheel partner:

Like their motto, Alcar houses all their production sites and testing centres under one roof to research, develop, make and transport wheels all over the world. They also support a host of distribution companies along with their trade partners to establish a better business model.

Why Alcar?

Known as one of the leading European manufacturers of steel rims, Alcar Stahlrad uses computer-controlled manufacturing units. Also, computerised and manned inspection on every single unit ensures their products meet the required standard specifications. They also make their rims compatible with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). Their adaptation of technology makes them perfect for your modern car.

  • All Alcar wheels are made to accommodate direct TPMS.
  • They also come equipped with the Alcar programming tools.
  • It integrates the Alcar TPMS webshop integration.
  • All their products are compatible with EU Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Directive.
  • They offer their distributors (including us at Rubbers & Rims) to buy Alcar Stahlrad Wheels online.

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Being one of the largest suppliers of Alcar steel rims in the UK, Rubbers & Rims offers affordable prices on their entire range. If you are looking for that excellent make, paired with unmatched durability and an affordable price tag, visit us today to book your new set of wheels.

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