1AV Wheels

If you are a car enthusiast, you must have heard about the famous AXE and Lenso wheels. Coming from the same manufacturer, the all-new 1AV alloy wheels are all set to win the market with their excellent quality and unique styling.

Rubbers & Rims are a licensed supplier of 1AV wheels in the UK, and we have brought the entire stock for our customers at Rotherham. We have a great set of off-the-shelf wheels for you to choose from. You can order and buy 1AV wheels online from us.

1AV range available at Rubbers & Rims, Rotherham

At our store, you will be able to choose from the entire product range. We stock –

  • 1AV ZX1 (directional) –

Offered in 4 beautiful colours (gloss black with polished face, satin black, satin grey, silver with a polished face), the extremely popular ZX1 is a directional multi-spoke alloy wheel that comes in 26 different sizes.

It has 15 spokes, angled to reduce air drag around the wheel. Inspired by motor-sport, these spokes reach the end of the rim to make the wheel appear more prominent when you fit them in your car.

They are available in 18”, 19”, and 20” sizes. These wheels come in both left-hand and right-hand sides, ensuring they always face the front when fitted in your car.

  • 1AV ZX2 –

Perfect for maintaining a subtle yet classy look, the ZX2 is a new wheel design with Y shape spokes. Every single spoke splits near the edge to give it a distinctive mesh formation. Much like its brother ZX1, the ZX2 also extends all the way to make it look better.

It is available only in gloss gunmetal and 19” rim size and comes in over nine different brand fits. You can buy cheap 1AV wheels, both the ZX1 and ZX2 from our store.

  • 1AV ZX3 –

Another popular Y spoke design is the ZX3, and it comes in ZX3 and ZX3 Cup variant. It is a non-directional wheel which comes in 18” size (ZX3 Cup comes in 15” size) only.

  • 1AV ZX4 –

If you are looking for a stunning pair of wheels to complement your beautiful sports car, ZX4 is the one to get from us at Rubbers & Rims. With its symmetric design, it is sure to turn some heads. These particular rims come in gloss black with a polished face (available in 20”) and just gloss black (available in 20” and 22”).

1AV and Rubbers & Rims –

We are offering a vast selection of wheels for you to choose from. We are one of the largest licensed vendors in the UK. You can buy 1AV wheels from us at the most affordable prices. So why wait? Book your appointment today, call us, or visit our website to buy 1AV wheels online.